Barry Kraynack, MD, President/CEO, and Mrs. Linda L. Kraynack, RN,
VP/Business Operations, founded WHITE BEAR ASSOCIATES in 2005.

Our goal then —and it continues to be—

“To help patientcare-focused healthcare practices and

organizations raise treatment success levels… while

favorably impacting their organization’s staff

development and financial growth.”

WHITE BEAR specializes in finding and evaluating innovative new
technology for legitimate institutions, care centers and private
practices engaged in medical, surgical, therapeutic, dental,
chiropractic, podiatric, psychiatric, rehabilitation, long-term and
holistic patient healthcare.

WHITE BEAR provides the best and newest of Federal Agency
monitored-and-tested healthcare products and services nationwide…
and continues to build its reputation for being:

  • The first to bring many exciting new patient care products into healthcare practice and institution use, and . . .
  • The first to provide analyses of the market data and financial impact that accompany these applications.