The Vanguard Clinic
2108 Schuetz Road
Saint Louis, Missouri 63146

 Based on a White Bear healthcare client practice-profile (“SPOTLIGHT”) interview of St. Louis Chiropractor Dr. Michael Glickert, Founder and Director of operations, The Vanguard Clinic, by healthcare coach and national book award-winning author Hal Alpiar (“DOCTOR SHOPPING,” “DOCTOR BUSINESS” and “Healthcarepreneurs”)

“They are more intelligent, more independent, and better informed than the average healthcare patient population. They are all ages, and they are tech-savvy.” This is how Dr. Glickert characterizes Vanguard’s patient population. “Many, if not most,” he says, ”of those who visit our Clinic, have already done some preliminary homework about their pain and/or ailments. They clearly favor healthcare options that are not physically and mentally invasive.”

“That makes sense, of course,” says Dr. Glickert, “After all, Why make last resort drugs and last resort surgery your first choice for dealing with your physical health?” and our patients “get it!” They don’t simply accept the idea that the worst, most painful and potentially threatening solution could possibly be the best one. They understand that there are almost always other, less traumatic ways to get positive results.

The underlying message attached to the care of each and every Vanguard Patient is “If you can eliminate pain and discomfort with proven, natural healing methods, why would you want to subject yourself to the injection or swallowing of chemical drugs you’ve never heard of, or elect potentially risky surgery when there are safer, more natural healing methods available?”

Dr. Glickert notes the VANGUARD name was carefully selected. It means “At the forefront of change.” In other words, he says, “We practice futuristic medicine now.”

If someone is suffering severe injury (e.g., a stroke or heart attack, open wound, blood loss, broken bones, unconsciousness) or serious illness, getting that person to the closest ER as quickly as possible needs to be the goal. Period.

“But,” says Glickert, “when someone seeks qualified followup to emergency care… or is suffering with pain and discomfort from chronic sources (like sciatica, low back pain or arthritic joint pain of the knee or shoulder), or nerve damage (like peripheral neuropathy from diabetes)… or is experiencing sudden or prolonged muscle and/or bone bruise injury (like those that commonly occur after a fall, motor vehicle, bicycle or sports accident)… rushing off to the hospital or surgeon’s office may not be in that person’s best interests.”

“Surgery, or an avalanche of expensive (and often addictive) pills or injections,” he says, “are not usually the only – or the best answer. Current studies, in fact, show that the pace of tech development has left the average physician many years behind current medicine practices and device development!”  

Vanguard’s Team Staff stays on top of new healthcare developments. It includes Osteopathic Physician Joe Novof, Medical Director; Vanguard Education Center Director (St. Louis native) Certified Nurse Practitioner Rachel Wilkinson; a full time Case Manager and Office Manager; a Rehab Technician; Certified Massage Therapist; and a backup/on-call Chiropractor.

“As for results,” he adds, “our patients experience relief—even revitalization—from the kinds of integrative treatment plans and options we offer. And sometimes,” he says, “this can happen after just a few short visits, and become a permanent solution with minimal ongoing treatment that is covered by most insurance plans.” 

The Vanguard Clinic provides prompt, effective relief for debilitating arm, leg, foot, ankle, knee, hip, hand, wrist, neck, shoulder, head, back… (literally any) bruised bones or muscle aches and pains. To provide maximum relief, Chiropractic techniques are supported, when appropriate, by Sanexas Electrotherapy and K-Laser Therapy treatments.

Vanguard offers electrical cell signaling (Electrotherapy) using the Sanexas RST Neogen Device for treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain and regrowth of damaged nerves to relieve pain, to treat arthritic joint pain and low back pain from failed surgery or sciatica and many other painful conditions, as well as to conduct nerve biopsies.

Vanguard also uses K-Laser Therapy Treatments to help reduce inflammation in neuropathy and cardiovascular applications, among other conditions. 

Vanguard also provides Regenerative Medicine (also known as “Stem Cell Therapy”) as yet another in the latest cutting-edge healthcare techniques available.  Assessment and guidance on issues involving physical “balance” is also provided.

“And Vanguard provides weight-loss programs that work,” says Dr. Glickert, “because –unlike the bombardment of expensive food-portioning gimmicks we see advertised on TV and the Internet, Vanguard uses Ketogenic Dieting and hormone and sensitivity testing and blood chemistry assessment of internal organ functions to custom-design solutions that best fit each individual patient’s personal needs, capabilities, pain relief, desires, and the path to a healthier wellbeing.”

How did The Vanguard Clinic get started?

Dr. Glickert’s degree in psychology opened the door to chiropractic studies… he “always wanted to be a doctor to be able to help and impact people in a positive way.” Being “a hands-on person” and someone who “always made the best of whatever situation I’m in” all fit together. He credits his Mom as his entrepreneurship influence… a music teacher focused on visual and performing arts, she created the Grand Center Arts Academy, started it in a church basement then, serving as Principal, developed it into a full-scale free-standing Charter School.

All text references are either direct quotes or representations made by The Vanguard Clinic Director of Operations.
Neither White Bear Associates nor Hal Alpiar or, LLC. accept responsibility for accuracy.