The Surgical Suite

Surgical Suite © is the world's first operating room software that saves nurses and surgeons time and shortens surgery. The software: - Improves patient safety by quick and accurate patient entry. - Improves patient safety by eliminating error-prone handwriting, especially on specimen labels. - Produces clear, completely typed, customized specimen labels including all patient information, specimen name (up to 100 characters), specimen type (permanent, frozen, etc.,), time procured, and surgeon.
- Eliminates repetitive data entry. Enter a specimen once and generate all specimen labels, frozen section slips, and permanent records. - Keeps track of all specimens submitted to pathology and the laboratory. - Lets you click on specimen names speeding specimen entry. Never type or write "right tonsil" or any other common specimen name ever again. - Eliminates hand-written frozen section slips completely. Frozen section slips are sent electronically to histology and pathology, getting the tissue there faster. - Reports frozen section results electronically eliminating slow, handwritten hand-delivered slips. - Produces printed reports of operation at the end of surgery documenting all personnel, specimens, and surgeons. - Allows for retrieval of all data by name, date, surgeon, operating room, or pathologist. - Is forgiving of operator entry errors. No errors can be made using the software that can't be corrected with ease - Can be run nearly paperlessly. - Runs on Microsoft® SQL-Server, proven database technology.