In addition to formalized equipment and services operation instruction (including tech performance, revenues generated guidance, and best record-keeping methods – all provided on a courtesy basis, WHITE BEAR provides specialized, heavily-experienced, professional pay-as-you-go management and marketing guidance focused on the growth and development of your professional practice and/or institution.

You get customized proven results management and staff skills training in leadership/teamwork, communication skills and stress management.

WHITE BEAR also provides comprehensive pay-as-you-go medical, surgical, and holistic healthcare practice and institution branding, marketing, community and public relations programs that get results, plus independent experienced focus group programs to get unbiased feedback from existing and prospective patients, patient families, staff and service providers.


Leading-Edge heavily research-based High-Tech firm products and services represented include:  Pureway The Revolutionary NEOGEN Pain Unit The Surgical Suite Tx360®Nasal Applicator Neofect Safecrush Pulse-4-Pulse VOXXLIFE PCR Molecular Testing CCM/Wellness Platform Intelligent Implant Systems Sister (Cobb Elevator & Suction) and others.